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Freedom or Burden of Choice?

Study on the satisfaction with computer assisted decision making.

Do we feel happier or less happy giving up autonomy to algorithms?

In collaboration with the University of Business and Society Ludwigshafen.

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Role: Co-Conception & Research, UX, Communication

Mar 2019 - Mar 2020

Responsibility of machines is rising as we delegate an increasing number of decisions to algorithms and smart devices. While there is a lot of current research on the moral of computer programs and its implications, our investigation focuses on the perceived happiness and satisfaction with computer assisted decision making (CADM). CADM-applications are likely to lower the amount of options and provide compelling guidance on the selection. 

On the other hand however, arises the question how the individual perceives ceding autonomy of decision-making to machines.

In our study we try to understand better when people give up autonomy in habitualized decision scenarios and how satisfied they are with the outcome. We hope that our study will provide indications towards the questions that started our endeavor: How do we perceive the increasing transfer of responsibility to computer programs?


In the rise of artificial intelligence, are we willing to trade-off individual freedom for reduction of complexity? 

Presented at:

Congress of the Society of Applied Economic Psychology, Stuttgart, GER / 03-03-2020

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