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A selection of 'older' works

How I think I think

The starting point for the creation of this alphabet was my own way of thinking which is based on a lot of thoughts about the future and the past.

To visualize this, all letters descend from one continuous line. The letters become a snapshot of a thought that continues further in the future or stems from a long past.

When the lines of the letters cross, a new grid arises and a following alphabet emerges.

The Sound Bakery

An instrument played by sculpturing conductive dough on a board with sensors. It is linked to an effect controller worn around the neck.

A fun interaction gets created through the interaction between dough board and effect controller, as their sound is depended on each other. So each player has to constantly react to the actions of the other.


Based on the 80s Arcade game Space-Invaders, in Electioninvaders the player has to fight off internet trolls who systematically try disrupt our political system. The game introduces players to the three stages of systematic trollings and aims to raise awareness about this hidden threat.

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