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Role: Product designer & owner

2022 - NOW



Virtuagym is a SaaS platform for the fitness industry providing a broad variety of services to fitness clubs, such as member and staff management, scheduling and member engagement via a B2B2C app and portal. Virtuagym has over 50k clients and 20M app users worldwide. 

In my role as a product designer and owner I am overseeing the complete product design cycle for one domain: From initial prototyping, stakeholder buy-in and research to overseeing the programming process with the development team, where I act as a product owner and ensure the delivery of a high-quality experience.

Case studies

Global search feature

How might we design a global search feature so that professional users can quickly search for club members and perform common actions with a few clicks?

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 17.02.56.png

Messaging feature

Designing a messaging feature for gym employees, to send communications like push notifications, emails, or text messages to a segment of their  members. (Hiring assignment)

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